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  1. It's hard to be sympathetic reading this story...
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Comments: Ricky Chesson I keep getting the same call from the same number- Sounds like a robo call- I would set up a block on your phone if it keeps up - or just don't answer.

It's hard to be sympathetic reading this story...

Calvin did not leave a message just keeps calling. I am on the DNC register, but it doesn't seem to matter. Caller named John said they needed more info to ship the Medical Alert that I had ordered- We never ordered such a thing- Just a scam to try to get your info and scam you. In the last two days I've received calls from this cell phone- They never talk or leave a message- ATT is my carrier and they have an "Annoyance" department who will investigate your complaint- I also filed a complaint directly with the FCC NOT the "National Do Not Call" web site which is useless and they FCC will assign a case number for you-My hope is that enough of us will file complaints that they'll do something about this crap.

I received a call from that number as well. Insisted to come.

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They call a whole lot! About 5 times a day. Who is World Pubs? Balaji It wasn't a call, but a piece of mail my boss received in Indiana- It stated he had won ,- He thought it was a normal scam until there was a check inside for over - It looked so real When he called this number that was listed on the check they kept encouraging him to cash the check- When he asked when he would receive the rest of the money, the guy just persisted that he cash the check- He called in Dallas and there was no such organization as the ASM Management Inc- at Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX, so he found out it was a scam- He is currently in talks with the bank and police.

Yes-It has been reported that your computer has problems-Ok-Are you sitting in front of your computer right now? Yes-Look in the left hand corner and see the icon,blah blah blah- Your computer has a virus-Wow, I didn't know thatI will help you get it out-Click on the icon in the lower left hand corner- Which icon? Is this a legit number.

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They wanted to speak with my "IT Manager" I said no and told them they needed to stop calling this number as they have been calling every - minutes for the last hour and this is a busy medical clinic and I don't need to be dealing with calls like this- She apologized and said she would take our number off of their list- I have also been getting a call from.

Who has ever heard of a law firm that doesn't have public record or public numbers some where for everyone to see? If they took their time to do a real job and not scams,they would be very wealthy- Idiots. Putin I received two calls within a half hour from this number- No message was left- Upon calling back using star to block my caller ID, you get a recording that says "the call you received was concerning local political issues, and was not a sales call"- They then disconnect- No company name is given- The number shows as the name on my caller ID- I am so sick of these propaganda calls, espescially since "political calls" are exempt from the DNC rules.

If not, how did you get them to stop? I got a call from , via New Jersey from a Rochelle character- They asked for me by name and when I got on the line it was silent- I called back but got nothing, but a busy tone then a message saying the line was unavailable for the moment- Such a waste Especailly when your expecting important calls from out of state.


What they are calling for? Mart This is the number of a debt collector- They are trying to collect my student loan patments on behalf of TERI- They refused to tell me their company name or their address.

When you call it's a fax. Johnson This is a scam Basically the same information as all others that wrote here- Stay far away from this person. What a total jerk. Remember that an Email is not necessarily secure against interception.

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Baloghy, www. This was a man who has been attempting to contact us for numerous months, however we refuse to respond. I admit I do have some debt and its not old it is still on my credit report and all. Should I still try to work things out with them or with the actual bank that I owe? Just got a missed call and typed that number into google and this site came up. Leaving a job so seems like it might be the same scam. I don't know who it is, but I would like for them to stop! And if its a bill collector then they need to mail me a letter.

I've gotten a few calls fron but I never answer and they never leave a message.

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After reading the comments here, except for those that sound like they are all from the same person, the ones that use bad english, the ones that say that this is not a scam. I agree that this is probably a scam.

JBI agents serving a warrant in Dearborn MI.

Some BS energy company claiming to lower my Duke Energy rates kinda odd since I don't pay for electric.