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  1. About Criminal Background Checks
  2. Why Do Colleges Do Background Checks?
  3. Criminal Background Checks
  4. Top 4 Reasons to Conduct Background Checks for Student Employment and Internships

The records are often flawed, inaccurate and missing critical information. As noted above, for a more reliable search, organizations should use a combination of county and state searches based on address history, nationwide databases and NSOPW.

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However, they may not be the only vulnerability in an organization. Any individual who handles finances, personally identifiable information PII or technology, or makes important decisions on behalf of a school should also be screened.

About Criminal Background Checks

Once a school has screened a volunteer, it should not assume that means they are clear of criminal history forever. Volunteers need to be rescreened to ensure the organization has the latest information about their potential criminal history. Sterling Volunteers recommends rescreening volunteers annually.

Sterling Volunteers helps nonprofit organizations gain confidence in the volunteers working with those they serve by delivering thorough, compliant background checks. By enabling volunteers to order, manage and share their background checks via a secure online platform, we create a community of vetted volunteers and help nonprofit organizations save time and money.

Our extensive expertise in screening and compliance best practices helps clients recruit the best volunteers in order to maintain a safe environment and positive reputation. Visit svus.

Why Do Colleges Do Background Checks?

Have you been directed to complete a background check for a specific nonprofit? If so, please follow the direct link on their website or in the email invitation you may have received. Or click here to link to your organization with a Good Deed Code. Looking to get your own volunteer background check?

Criminal Background Checks

Please continue. Sterling Volunteers Offers Background Check Best Practices For Schools More Schools Make Background Checks a Prerequisite to Volunteering Fort Collins, CO, September 19, — Shrinking budgets and other organizational pressures mean many schools increasingly rely on their volunteers to perform essential functions inside and outside the classroom, yet inconsistent vetting of these volunteers may expose schools to unintended risk — as recent headlines attest.

Many colleges use the Common Application , which has a self disclosure question asking about an applicant's criminal past. That said, it's not recommended to lie on your application. Why you should be honest stems from the reasons colleges run background checks in the first place.

College background checks are completed in part to keep students on campus safe.

Top 4 Reasons to Conduct Background Checks for Student Employment and Internships

Since many students will live in campus dorms, colleges will look in particular for any sexual offenses, violent convictions, or arrests due to drugs and alcohol. Colleges also do background checks to meet the requirements of affiliation agreements.

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  • Criminal Background Checks!
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  • At some point in the course of their college careers, many students will complete an off-campus internship, volunteer at a local organization, or participate in a work-study program. The organizations offering students these opportunities require access to the same criminal information they'd get when running employment background checks on non-students.

    Depending on the type of crimes and convictions, a student with a criminal history might not be able to work with these university-affiliated organizations, and therefore might not be able to complete their degree.

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    • This is especially true when an applicant wants to work with a vulnerable population such as children or the elderly. Thus, you want to be honest on your application to ensure you can fulfill all the college requirements for completing your degree.